Living Proof Praying Women Int'l

Living proof praying women international is a forum where singles, married, unmarried and widows meet once in a month to explore and maximize their potentials through prayers and found biblical teachings.

La-vogue Int'l Schools

The school is instituted and positioned to provide the perfect ambience for scholarly pursuits, to unravel and disseminate new and dynamic learning experience and knowledge. Hence, the name LA-VOGUE. La vogue is a French word meaning “new”, “modern”, “fashion” or “style”.

With the passion to prepare pupils/students for holistic growth and development as well as raise responsible…

Family/Couples Affair

Family/Couple’s Affair as a program was divinely inspired way back 2007 and strictly for couples to address marital issues and challenges. As in the medical parlance, it has become a clinic indeed because since inception to date, testimonies abound of many hitherto sick marriages that   have received healing. Interactive sessions are held every last Sunday of every month in  a relaxed setting among topical issues handled…


IPDD stands for Initiative for Potential Discovery and Development. It is aimed at eradicating poverty through laudable empowerment programmes which include increasing literacy  level through scholarship awards.

IPDD is also focused on disseminating information on child abuse, child labour and human trafficking through publication on magazines, newspapers articles, handbills…

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