Living Proof Praying Women Embarks on another Women Empowerment Scheme

It was a splendid time out with the Living proof praying women international. The skill acquisition program organized by the praying women was a big success. Today the women were taught how to make beautiful designs on throw pillows and how to make simple throw pillows which can be sold and also used to beautify […]


It was an important moment for the founding members of Living Proof Praying Women International as they met both to pray and fashion out better ways to make the divine assignment more soul reaching. These are “MOTHERS IN ISRAEL” with several years of experience in counseling on marital related issues and other areas of life. […]


True love will wait…but after that what’s next? At a younger age, many Christian women do pledge to remain undefiled before marriage but the rhetoric falls short as they enter adulthood and encounter more serious romantic relationships. Bombarded with videos and pictures of Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood’s kind of romance, women facing real-world temptation may […]