Family/Couples Affair

Couple’s Affairs/clinic as a program was divinely inspired way back 2007 and strictly for couples to address marital issues and challenges. As in the medical palarice, it has become a clinic indeed because since inception to date, testimonies abound of many hitherto sick marriages that have received healing. Interactive sessions are held every last Sunday of every month in a relaxed setting among topical issues handled in this forum are:

Place of financial management in marriages
Sex and Marriage
Place of effective communication in marriage
How to relate with in-laws (Toxic in-laws)
How to relate with Next of kin
Issues of writing of a will and other general interesting topics.

Without doubt, the programme is impacting positively on homes igniting as it were fresh love, understanding, harmony, trust and what have you as a must attend and as you come your marriage and home will be the same again.