La-vogue Int’l Schools

You are welcome to La Vogue International Schools. The school is instituted and positioned to provide the perfect ambience for scholarly pursuits, to unravel and disseminate new and dynamic learning experience and knowledge. Hence, the name LA VOGUE. La vogue is a French word meaning “new”, “modern”, “fashion” or “style”.

With the passion to prepare pupils/students for holistic growth and development as well as raise responsible world citizens and worthy leaders of tomorrow that would play constructive roles in nation building in a fashion not so known and common, LA VOGUE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLwas established. The school which was founded in the year 2000 and commenced with just five (5) students has since then metamorphosed to over 600 student population and still counting.

At La vogue schools, we focus at the holistic development of the child in a conducive learning environment such as;

  • Spacious classrooms with a maximum of 25 students per class.
  • Standard laboratories for music, home economics, chemistry, physics, biology, introductory technology, language and fine art.
  • Well equipped ICT laboratory with full internet connection.
  • Well equipped library stocked with current books.
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply.
  • Adequate transport facility.
  • Spacious and air-conditioned accommodation for all boarding students with a maximum of 10 students per room.
  • Mini clinic
  • Sports complex

At La Vogue Schools, we operates the Nigerian Basic Education Scheme in line with a broad based cross cultural education experience giving our students access to elements of British and American curriculum. Our curriculum content is broad, exciting, challenging and meaningful.

Since the inception of the school, we have been consistent with developing individuals with confidence in their own values, driven by a clear sense of purpose, respect for the opinions of others, and the realization of their important roles in the local and global community.

At La Vogue Schools, we make best efforts to constantly expand the horizons of our endeavours while ensuring that excellence remains the bedrock of all our activities.

Think educational transformation with styles of innovation and creativity, think LA VOGUE SCHOOLS.